Miner Metro


Miner Metro is a fun, unique, and feature-filled Towny server with a great community! Instead of the classic server ranks, the server has quests which allow you to unlock almost every single permission you could think of!

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About Miner Metro

Miner Metro is a Towny server with lots to do. With hundreds of quests and many unique features and mechanics, you'll never find yourself bored.

Unlike the average server, we are not pay-to-win -- the best crate key is only obtainable through crafting and many of the perks on the store benefit everybody.

Never-before-seen custom enchants will allow you to become even more powerful than vanilla. These completely unique enchants are completely custom-coded cannot be found on any other server.

With PyroFishing, PyroFarming, PyroMining, chunk hoppers, compressors, item pipes, auctions, custom crafting recipes, towny, xp bottling, quests, elevators, custom enchants, alcoholic drinks, permanent potion effects, disguises, jobs, mcMMO, biome finders, ArtMap, armor stand editor, chest shops, a webmap, item filters, and more, you won't be bored for very long.

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